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BA/BSc (Honours) Open degree

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The BA/BSc Open is one of the most flexible, wide-ranging degree programmes in the UK – and our most popular qualification. It gives you huge freedom of choice, enabling you to build your own qualification to suit your personal and professional needs, interests and aspirations. You can study any subjects you like, in any combination – but if you’d like some guidance, we’re always happy to advise. You don’t need to decide now about the whole qualification. The only decision you need to make before you register is what to study first.

Key features of the course

  • Enjoy the intellectual challenge of a wide variety of disciplines, or try something completely new
  • Mix and match modules as you like, or combine one main subject with a few modules from other areas
  • The freedom to change direction as your career plans evolve and your interests and horizons expand
  • Enhance your employability – research shows attitude and aptitude are far more important to employers than degree subject
  • Count credit from university-level studies you’ve already completed elsewhere.

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