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Masters degree in Education

Fast-track option

The fast-track option allows you to complete this degree in two years.

Please note: this option is possible only if you started the Stage two module in February 2018 and pass each module on the first attempt.

You can achieve this by overlapping the latter part of Stage 1 with the start of Stage 2, and then overlapping the latter part of Stage 2 with the start of Stage 3. This is illustrated below using the leadership and management specialism as an example:

Modules Credits Study period
Stage 1
Educational leadership: agency, professional learning and change (EE811)
60 Oct 2017–May 2019
Stages 2
Educational leadership: exploring strategy (EE812)
60 Feb 2018–Jan 2020
Stages 3
MA Ed dissertation: leadership and management (EE813)
60 Oct 2018–Sep 2020

Where Stage 2 overlaps Stages 1 and 3, the workload is lower to compensate. Normal workload is approximately 15 hours per week, but during the periods of overlap it is approximately 25 hours a week.

If this route doesn't appeal to you, see the full module list for this qualification.

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