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All courses related to 'Social Sciences'

Honours degrees

  1. BA (Honours) Childhood and Youth Studies
  2. BA (Honours) Criminology
  3. BA (Honours) Criminology and Law
  4. BA (Honours) Criminology and Psychology
  5. BA (Honours) Criminology and Sociology
  6. BA (Honours) Economics
  7. BA (Honours) Environmental Studies
  8. BA (Honours) Geography
  9. BA (Honours) History and Politics
  10. BA (Honours) International Studies
  11. BA (Honours) Law and French
  12. BA (Honours) Law and German
  13. BA (Honours) Law and Languages
  14. BA (Honours) Law and Spanish
  15. BA (Honours) Philosophy and Psychological Studies
  16. BA (Honours) Politics, Philosophy and Economics
  17. BA (Honours) Social Sciences
  18. BA (Honours) Social Sciences (Criminology)
  19. BA (Honours) Social Sciences (Economics)
  20. BA (Honours) Social Sciences (Geography)
  21. BA (Honours) Social Sciences (Philosophy)
  22. BA (Honours) Social Sciences (Politics)
  23. BA (Honours) Social Sciences (Psychology)
  24. BA (Honours) Social Sciences (Religious Studies)
  25. BA (Honours) Social Sciences (Sociology)
  26. BA/BSc (Honours) Open degree
  27. Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (graduate entry)
  28. Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (LLB)
  29. BSc (Honours) Combined STEM
  30. BSc (Honours) Computing & IT and a second subject
  31. BSc (Honours) Computing & IT and Psychology
  32. BSc (Honours) Economics and Mathematical Sciences
  33. BSc (Honours) Forensic Psychology
  34. BSc (Honours) Geography and Environmental Science
  35. BSc (Honours) Psychology
  36. BSc (Honours) Psychology with Counselling
  37. BSc (Honours) Social Psychology

Foundation degrees

  1. Foundation Degree in Counselling

Masters degrees

  1. MA in Childhood and Youth
  2. MA in Crime and Justice
  3. MA/MSc Open
  4. MSc in Forensic Psychological Studies
  5. MSc in Psychology

Postgraduate diplomas

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Childhood and Youth Studies

Postgraduate certificates

  1. Postgraduate Certificate in Childhood and Youth Studies
  2. Postgraduate Certificate in Social and Psychological Inquiry

Undergraduate modules