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Developing a strategic view

This course is for managers who are or are likely to be involved in the process of strategy in their organisation. It will cover strategic analysis, the identification and choice of strategic options and address the challenges and pitfalls of implementing strategy. It takes a dynamic and hands on approach and through activities and case studies participants will be challenged to think about how to apply strategic frameworks and concepts to their own work context. By the end of the course you should be equipped with the tools and techniques to be effective in thinking and acting strategically. 

Standalone study only

You will not be awarded credits for studying this course. It is available for standalone study only and cannot be counted towards an OU qualification.

Short course

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This is a non-credit bearing course.
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What you will study

Developing a strategic view engages with the craft of strategy; that is, how to analyse a strategic situation, identify and choose a competitive market position, and create the strategic options and environment to ensure the chosen strategy works. As such, the course objectives are twofold: first, to explore conceptual frameworks and techniques that will assist you in analysing competitive situations and strategic dilemmas and gain insight into strategic management; and second, to help you acquire practical, applied knowledge and skills in dealing with strategic challenges and opportunities.
This course emphasises the perspective and role of the strategic manager in ensuring organisational success. The strategic manager’s role is unique in that he or she must be attuned to both the external (market) and internal (organisational) forces that shape firm performance. They must also have both a firm grasp of current business realities and a clear sense of emergent or potential business possibilities. For this reason, strategic managers must have an understanding not only of economic, social and political processes and dynamics outside the firm but also of managerial, operational and cultural processes and environments inside the firm.
In this course, we introduce a wide variety of strategy frameworks and tools in order to help you develop the skills and mindset needed to be a successful manager with overall responsibility for the performance of a company or a business unit within a company. This module aims to develop your understanding and know-how in strategic planning, analysis, formulation and implementation. The goal is to increase your effectiveness in thinking and acting strategically. 
The strong link between course learning and your work practice creates relevant, enduring and transferable outcomes. It requires no more than 25 hours of your time in total, over whatever period suits you. Register online today and start tomorrow – no need to wait!
The course features the distinctive strengths of The Open University (OU) from its years of expertise in work-based learning:
  • The convenience of accessing its clearly presented and sequenced materials, activities and support whenever suits you and wherever you have access to the dedicated website – if you prefer, you can print key materials to work on them offline.
  • The support of an expert learning adviser who can clarify study materials, answer questions and help you relate the course to your specific needs.
  • A work-based activity helping you to connect the course to your individual and organisational context and needs. A learning adviser will review your work-based activity and provide personal feedback.
  • Certification of completion from the OU for those who complete the course. You can use this to demonstrate your continuing professional development (CPD) activity to your employer and/or professional body. (NB The course does not carry academic credit points.)

You will learn

After completing this course you should be able to:
  • Form a conceptual bridge between strategic ideas and actions
  • Analyse the competitive environment of your business
  • Generate strategic options in response to organisational challenges and opportunities 
  • Understand how to implement strategy.

Professional recognition

Successful completion of the course enables us to recognise your achievement of the course learning by issuing an OU certificate that you can use to document your commitment to continuing professional development in your personal portfolio, or to provide evidence to employers or professional body.

Learner support

Expert, confidential learner support is available when you need it from a learning adviser, who will respond to you direct within 24 hours. Other support is available via the course forum, library, StudentHome website and computing helpdesk.

Work-based activity

The work-based activity for this course has been designed as an integrated ongoing activity that you submit at the end of your study. It will allow you to reflect on your learning and how to use it in your professional work.

Outside the UK

This course has been written primarily for a UK context, but will have relevance to other contexts.


As a student of The Open University, you should be aware of the content of the academic regulations, which are available on our Student Policies and Regulations website.

    Entry requirements

    Although there are no formal academic requirements to study any of our CPD courses, you are expected to have some experience in the field and the course assumes a familiarity with the subject.

    You can register and begin at any time during the life of the course. You can study at your own pace and submit your work-based activity at any date before the final submission date for the course.

    Please note that depending on when you register, you will have at least 6 months to submit your work based activity. Information about your final submission date is available when you register for the course. If you feel 6 months may not be sufficient time for your study and submission, please contact us to discuss your study options, including current final submission date before you register.


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    Ways to pay

    Credit/Debit Card – We accept American Express, Mastercard, Visa and Visa Electron.

    Sponsorship – If this course is geared towards your job or developing your career, you could ask your employer to sponsor you by paying some or all of the fees. Your sponsor just needs to complete a simple form to confirm how much they will be paying and we will invoice them.

    The fee information provided here is valid for short courses starting in the 2019/20 academic year. Fees for short courses starting in the 2020/21 academic year or later may increase in line with the University’s strategic approach to fees.

    If you have a disability

    The course is delivered online and makes use of a variety of online resources. If you use specialist hardware or software to assist you in using a computer or the internet you are advised to contact us about support which can be given to meet your needs. If you are a new learner with the OU, make sure that you look at our website.