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Diplomas of Higher Education (DipHEs)

Diplomas of Higher Education are equivalent to the first two years of a full-time degree. It shows that you are capable of extended study at university level, and that could be valuable, especially if you want to go on to further professional or academic training or study.

Diplomas of HE are designed to increase the professional and technical skills of staff within a profession or extend your knowledge and understanding of a particular subject. Diplomas are able to show that you are capable of extended study at university level.

You can use OU Diplomas to:

  • change careers or progress your current career
  • gain technical and professional skills
  • gain a greater knowledge and understanding of a subject you are interested in
  • gain professional recognition
  • achieve a full honours degree through additional study.

Online Diploma Courses from the OU

OU online diploma courses are specially designed Open University qualifications focusing either on a particular job or profession, or academic study.

What makes online diploma courses from the OU stand out is the rich view of the world they develop, the diversity of perspectives they encounter and the breadth of skills they bring to the workplace from having experienced a variety of disciplines.

Whatever your choice of modules, the OU Online diploma courses will help you develop key transferable skills including:


  • adaptability and flexibility
  • problem solving
  • communication and literacy
  • numeracy
  • information technology (IT)
  • analysis and reporting.

Professional Diploma in Management

Diploma of Higher Education in Computing and IT

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