Enjoy the support and flexibility

Gerald O’Leary is an IT manager at RTÉ, studying for a degree in Arts and Humanities with us. Gerald praises our combination of tutor support and independent study:

“The tuition level is just pitch perfect for me, there are classes every week, every three or four weeks, and that just suits me fine. The great thing is [the study’s] online, and you can do it from home or travelling - I use public transport quite a bit. We have wifi on public transport so you’re able to access material, as well as stored material, on devices.”

Challenge yourself

Ian Murray is a music librarian at RTÉ, studying for a Certificate in Higher Education in the Humanities with us. 

“I’m finding it extremely enjoyable. It is challenging, but that’s what I expected. I expected a lot of hard work; having said that, it has turned out - so far - easier than what I thought. I think may be a contributing factor is that I’m finding it enjoyable, so it doesn’t appear to be all that hard. Ideally I’d like to do a full degree and I’d like to obtain a BA… If I went on to do an MA, there’s some kind of academic work I could see myself doing.”

Make best use of your time online

Kevin Burns is a television producer/director at RTÉ, studying the MA in Online and Distance Education with us. 

“I would say I mainly [study] on my iPhone and on my app, and I do that while I’m coming to work and going home from work; even when I’m just at the kitchen table or whatever, I’ll be dug into the app and I find that it’s replaced my social media usage. So instead of catching up on Twitter or whatever, I’m catching up on somebody who’s written something about education or something do with the course. Or Instead of messages from friends or whatever, they’re messages from other people in the group, what they’ve posted, so it’s more healthy in that way. So I would use the iPhone and the app far more than I would have thought and it’s very good like that.”

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