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Bachelor degrees

A bachelors degree is an undergraduate university degree. Studying for a degree allows you to explore your chosen subject in depth – much more so than in diploma, certificate or short course.

We offer a wide range of undergraduate degree courses across different subject areas in various faculties. They include Business Management, Classical Studies, Engineering, English Literature, History, Law, Mathematics, Psychology, Sport and Youth Work, to name but a few.

While all our degrees are honours degrees, we offer two different types of degree:

  • A degree in a ‘named’ subject: for this type of degree - for example in business management or humanities - you’ll study mainly in your chosen subject, although you can usually include some modules from other subjects too.
  • An Open degree: This popular degree allows you to tailor a qualification to your individual requirements and interests, and offers a wider range of module choice than more specific, named degrees. You can combine modules from similar or different subjects to suit your particular career or personal interests. For further information, see Open Degrees.

While studying for an undergraduate degree you’ll learn about your chosen subject(s) in depth, and develop a variety of skills, including verbal and written analytical and reasoning abilities. A degree-level qualification will be a lifelong asset to you, not least in the workplace.

Why study with The Open University?

The Open University is the world’s leading distance-learning institution. We’ve been teaching via distance learning for more than forty years and, to date, we’ve taught more than two million students worldwide. Our study methods are proven.

We offer openness and flexibility that are unrivalled. For example, there are no academic entry requirements to study an undergraduate degree with The Open University. As our name suggests, and our mission states, we’re open to all. (For practical requirements, see what do I need? and start dates.) With us, you can benefit from a UK education, wherever you are in the world.

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Career prospects

An undergraduate degree is a prerequisite to a wide range of careers that require such a qualification as an entry point. An undergraduate degree is likewise a requirement for postgraduate study.

The Open University has served to help me realise my dream.

Emma Govan, BA Hons, Social Work

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