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Mapping women of history

18 March 2016

March 2016 is Women’s History Month, a time when women and their achievements are celebrated worldwide. In celebratory spirit, The Open University has created an interactive tour of 'How women changed the world.'

Click on the global map below to learn about a variety of pioneering women: discover them by country and nationality, read their stories, learn the impact they made in their lifetimes, and their lasting legacies.

This entertaining look at history specifically highlights courageous, lesser-known 'world-changing women.'

Who wrote the world’s first novel, twice the length of Tolstoy’s War and Peace? Who revised history by giving women a place in it? Who campaigned for legislative change to make women equal to men in the eyes of the law?

Perhaps you'd like to learn by timeline: learn about the 12th century German woman whose writings about her mystical visions are considered to be theological classics; the 18th century Italian woman who blazed the trail for women in STEM; and the 20th century woman who became the first woman of colour to graduate from university in South Africa.

You can read the accompanying text by clicking the 'targets' on the map, or directly at the OpenLearn website, The Open University's home of free learning on the web.

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