Degree Week: Case Studies

As part of Degree Week (Aug 10 – 14), we’re taking a closer look at some of the recent Open University graduates who were awarded their degrees and MBAs at a ceremony in Dublin’s Croke Park stadium. Orlagh, Martina and Mary are just three of the many students who decided they wanted to move forward in their careers, and realised they could fit distance learning around their busy schedules. Here are their inspirational stories...

“I found incredible support from the tutors along the way – it’s a great way to learn”, says Orlagh Costello, who received an MA in Technology Management.

MBA recipient Martina Gibbons chose The Open University for her MBA because “it offered me a huge amount of flexibility around a full-time job, family, and all the other commitments that one has in life.”

“Today is a great day”, says Mary Clarke, who received an MA in Education. “If you’re self-motivated, and you really want to reach your goal, The Open University is definitely the route to go.”


7 August, 2015 - 12:56