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Open University researches women in STEM in India

1 March 2017

Open University researchers have produced the Spring edition of the 2017 Women in IT Scorecard-India report.

The report aims to improve understanding of India’s IT sector in relation to the increasingly high numbers of women working in the sector.

The Open University project behind Scorecard-India is the ESRC-funded Gender, Skilled Migration and IT. It considers why the IT sector in India manages to both employ and retain women in highly-skilled roles, comparing the experiences of women in the IT sector in India and the UK. It will also gain insights from migrant women and men who move between the two countries, to understand both the gender norms and the best practice in each country.

The project is led by Professor of Geography and Migration, Parvati Raghuram, with co-investigator and Senior Lecturer in Computing and Communications Dr Clem Herman. 

The Scorecard-India report is the first of two to be published this year; the Autumn 2017 edition will draw on large datasets from across the industry, and will situate the survey within the context of experiences of women and men in the sector. 

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