This degree really helps me with progressing my career. As a result I’ve got graduate membership of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and I’m developing a career path in human resources management.

Lauren Frater, MSc Human Resources Management

MBA Employer sponsorship

Forty percent of our MBA students receive sponsorship from their employer.

If you’re considering studying for an MBA, you can use our online interactive tool to produce a proposal document to give to your employer.

All you have to do to prepare your business case is complete three simple steps, outlining why you’ve chosen The Open University MBA, the likely benefits to your organisation and the cost of your employer’s contribution. Try our award-winning MBA Case Builder app.

View a sample business case and read our tips on presenting your case.

Case study: Gerard McGurk, MBA

"I joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1998. My diplomatic career has allowed me to work in bilateral and multilateral foreign policy environments ... I chose to do an MBA because it seemed a natural extension following on from my Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration. I had started to enjoy the intellectual rigour and mental stimulation that came from studying at this level. I needed a new, external challenge and The Open University certainly provided that ... I chose The Open University for my MBA because the Foreign and Commonwealth Office were at that time sponsoring employees … I have been fortunate to work in locations where I found the operating environment ripe for applying my MBA learning.

If there was a particular module that I enjoyed, I would have to say that the Innovation, Creativity and Change module had the most profound impact on me. The quality of the materials, the ideas and frameworks as well as the excellent residential school made the module a near life-changing experience.

I'd certainly encourage anyone to study with The OU – MBA or any other subject. There is already a large contingent of Foreign and Commonwealth Office personnel – at home and overseas – who have studied with The OU."

I was lucky that the local authority I work for funded me to do my degree but I would’ve done it anyway. It was great for my work but on a personal level it was great too, which is why I would’ve somehow found the money to pay for it if the employer I work for hadn’t. So even if you’re struggling I would still say to someone thinking about the OU that they should go for it, whether for personal or work reasons.

Jackie Carter, BA Open Degree

Once my employers realised how my studies have developed me as a manager and the value it brings to my role, they paid for my courses!

Lee Sterry, Business Manager, OU Economics Diploma
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