I really enjoyed coming into contact with some really exceptional tutors - really exceptional - and I don’t just mean good in terms of knowledgeable, but absolutely first-rate communicators, committed people… genuinely passionate about what they do, and they can just light the spark within you.

Gary Wright, BSc (Honours) Open Degree

Your tutor is always available when you need them - email, phone calls, whatever you want. I found incredible support from the tutors along the way.

Orlagh Costello, MSc Technology Management

The tutor team… were very flexible and very supportive. I was in Tanzania, Ghana and Madagascar while I was completing my degree, but all the time I could keep in touch with my tutors, I could attend online tutorials … The staff, the whole system, is wonderful.

Catherine Hennessy, BSc (Honours) International Studies

I thought the tutors were incredibly good. They were always there for you. Sometimes you’re studying at 2am and you send an email to your tutor and he answers back and you think: ‘Wow, that’s amazing!

Isobel Mateos, BA (Honours) Humanities

In my last course I had a really wonderful tutor who went out of the way to help me with my own research project. He offered to talk to me on Skype about it. He was great.

Katerina Yuri, Masters Degree in Education
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