Careers in Social Sciences

Skills you can develop

For Social Sciences students the particular employability skills you will develop include the ability to:

  • put together reasoned arguments and question assumptions
  • understand the processes of change in society and its institutions
  • draw together, analyse and critically evaluate information
  • communicate concisely, clearly and accurately with others
  • use ICT to research, identify and present information
  • manage time and take on responsibility for your own development
  • respond positively to critical feedback
  • interpret, use and evaluate data.

Career opportunities

Social sciences qualifications provide an excellent background for a wide range of careers. Careers in Social Sciences can be found across all sectors and in a number of occupations. Education, central and local government, finance, health and social care, law, the media, public services, campaigning and research are frequent career choices.

Within the public sector, openings can be found in all areas of the criminal justice system, such as the police, prison and probation* services (*social work in Scotland), also administration and management of social services. Positions within civil and diplomatic services and local government are also popular choices. However, a consequence of the public spending cuts is expected to be a reduction in recruitment at all levels and currently in some UK regions, services such as the police and probation have halted recruitment completely.

Other careers include:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Politics
  • Journalism and Broadcasting
  • Law
  • Teaching
  • Social work
  • Accountancy
  • Business management
  • Advertising and Marketing.

Your employers

Companies interested in OU Social Science graduates include:

  • Enterprise
  • Heinz
  • Royal Mail Group (UK).