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Deirdre Gannon

Deirdre GannonWhat would you like to do? Walk into your dream job.

Deirdre Gannon of Kilkenny swapped her two-hour college commute for online study with The Open University. The result? She graduated with a degree and walked into her dream job. 

Deirdre explains:

“I was studying for a Psychology degree part-time with a college, but travelling two hours for lectures just wasn’t working out and I was finding it difficult with work. A colleague of my mother’s told me about The Open University. 

I studied for a BSc in Psychology because I was working in a school for children with Autism, and a psychology background would help with my career. 

Throughout my time studying with The Open University, I’ve developed skills that I’ll carry with me for life. I’ve learned to time manage, and juggle work and study very well. It gave me confidence within myself to want to continue studying in the future - something I thought I would never have, considering I didn’t do very well in school.

I found it okay to go back to studying, as The Open University were so supportive. I was on the phone to them a lot in the early days, and they answered every question or query that I had, there and then. They made sure I didn’t feel isolated, and my tutor was regularly in touch.

The Open University is so flexible! I knew at the start of each year what dates the projects and assignments were due, therefore I could study ahead of schedule if necessary to ensure I wasn’t under pressure during the times that my personal life was busy. 

Encouragement from friends and family kept me motivated, and as time went on my grades began to improve significantly. This really kept me motivated to keep going. My tutors always encouraged me. There was also the factor that I wanted to move on within my career, and I couldn’t do so without a qualification. 

My career prospects definitely changed after completing my degree. The great thing is I walked into my dream job eight weeks after I received my result from my BSc in Psychology. 

The beauty of studying with The Open University is that I gained substantial experience while working and studying at the same time. This played a huge role in me being able to land my dream job of Autism Intervention Specialist so soon after graduating.”

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