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Careers in Education

Skill development

As well as the specific subject knowledge gained from studying an OU degree, you'll develop many transferable and work-related skills that are highly valued by employers and which will increase your employability.

Education students develop a range of employability skills including the ability to:

  • draw together, analyse and critically evaluate information and research reports
  • communicate effectively, clearly and accurately
  • frame reasoned arguments and question assumptions
  • manage time and work independently
  • use Information and Communications Technology (ICT) effectively in the workplace
  • work within a group or team to find solutions to identified problems or to develop arguments
  • think critically about learning and performance and take steps to make improvements

Career opportunities

A qualification related to education can open opportunities in a range of areas. Some fields such as teaching and psychological therapies may require further postgraduate level training. Opportunities may include:

  • Teaching
  • Education administration
  • Education guidance and support work
  • Community education and outreach work
  • Training and development

Your employers

Rigorous academic standards ensure that OU qualifications are recognised and valued by professional organisations and employers.

However, we advise you to research your career choices thoroughly and as early as possible, particularly in relation to experience requirements, differences that relate to where you live, or where choice of courses may affect future opportunities. More information about international recognition of OU qualifications.

Interactive career planning resources are publically available on the OU careers web site to help you consider your options before, during and after your studies. Although much of our online occupational information is UK focused, a range of international online resources is also available to assist you with careers research and planning.

As a registered OU student you will be eligible for our full careers service including personal careers advice and guidance and access to our online vacancy service, Job Zone. We also have an Employer Showcase, where you can find out about some of the UK employers who are keen to recruit OU graduates.

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