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Case study: Mbula Musau

Mbula Musau, MSc in Development Management

“My name is Mbula Musau and I did a Masters of Science in Development Management.”

Why did you decide to do an Open University degree?

“It was advertised in the newspapers back home in Kenya – I’m from Kenya – and it looked interesting to me, I wanted to learn more about it, and being [in] a developing country, development management is one of the things I wanted to understand.”

How do you feel this degree will help you in your future career?

“First of all having my thesis published and probably used to advise governments or organisations that want to bring in initiatives in East Africa on areas of development  -making East Africa a better place.”

What did you like most about your time with The Open University?

“It was one very organised university. I would say the whole programme - the online study programme - matched well with the fact that I was working. They made sure that all my materials arrived in time, they supported me, [were] very responsive to email, and Skype requests for discussions and so on. The tutorials were great. So in a nutshell the way the whole course was organised was very impressive.”

Why would you recommend The Open University to others?

“I would ask them not to see the three years as 365 days times three, but to see it as… step-by-step, every day inching towards a bigger goal. It’s really worth it – it’s worth the while, it’s worth the time, it’s worth the energy, it’s worth the sweat, it’s worth the tears. It’s worth every single ounce of input you put into it.
So I would definitely recommend it to my friends, that’s for sure.”

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