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Case study: Lauren Frater

Lauren Frater, MSc Human Resources Management

“I was actually offered the opportunity through work to apply for sponsorship with The Open University to do a Masters in Business Administration, but I was working in Human Resources at the time and so I took the opportunity to convert from the first year into a Masters of Science in Human Resources Management rather than doing the MBA.

I actually started my degree in Jamaica when I was working there, and so did the first year of the course while I was in Jamaica. Then I moved back to London with work, and was studying there for about a year and a half before I moved to Tokyo, again with work, and finished my degree there. So it’s been a global experience.

This degree really helps me with progressing my career. As a result I’ve got graduate membership of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and I’m developing a career path in Human Resources management.

What I liked most about the studies was the flexibility and the fact that I could study from wherever in the world that I was, and the fact that I’ve studied in three different countries, I think, just attests to how flexible the degree is.

I’d have to give The Open University ten out of ten because of all the support that I’ve had – the fact that people were quite willing to do telephone tutorials at strange times of the day, to accommodate the fact that I was in a different time zone... It’s been really, really good – I’ve really enjoyed it.

I would definitely recommend Open University studies to anyone who wants to further their either educational or career prospects, just because of the flexibility and the way in which you can study around work. It’s good for people in all different kinds of situations, wherever they are.”