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Case study: Catherine Hennessy

Catherine Hennessy, BSc (Honours) International Studies

“I had always thought about having a degree, going back to university again; I was a little bit nervous about it so I decided to do an Introduction to the Arts module when I was in Tanzania, and that worked out well and gave me the confidence then to pursue the International Studies Degree.

I think having the module website is one of the best things; the materials were excellent. I think I would even read the materials if I wasn’t studying - they were very informative, and I have to say the tutor team in Ireland were very flexible and very supportive.

I was in Tanzania, Ghana and Madagascar while I was completing my degree, but all the time I could keep in touch with my tutors, I could attend online tutorials, use the Illuminate classroom which was absolutely excellent - there were some gasps when they heard I was calling in from Madagascar! - but the team, and the tutor team in Ireland were very, very supportive, very flexible and very understanding. 

… I went to university when I was 18, and I left after six months and followed a different life path, and having gone back at the age of 41 or 42 (I forget!) it was just perfect for me at that stage - so I would give it [The Open University] definitely a nine [out of ten], and I am so happy to have completed my university education at the age of 46!

Absolutely I would recommend The Open University. I think the staff, the whole system is wonderful, I’m very, very happy - and I’ve actually started my Master of Laws and will start my first two modules in November, and I’m really looking forward to it.”

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