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Studies show that there are some 65 million French speakers worldwide. Add this to the fact that nearly 50 countries officially speak French. In terms of language learning, it is important for scholars and regular citizens alike to learn French, because it is increasingly useful in the global landscape.

The Open University offers Language degrees, and on this page you can find various resource links to external websites.

Grammar tutorials

When learning the language, grammar is incredibly important. Simply learning vocabulary does not teach a person how to actually use these words in practical conversations. Grammar is the natural course of word usage in a language, which dictates the way that people speak it every day. By learning certain grammar rules through the use of thorough and in depth tutorials, a person learning French can unconsciously begin using the language with confidence.

French dictionaries

One of the most valuable tools for a language learner is an in depth dictionary. French dictionaries come in a variety of forms, and today's French learner is able to use online database dictionaries that can help people get a grasp on the language and all vocabulary terms. People typically either use French to English dictionaries, or French to French dictionaries, which define a number of words that are valuable for use of the language.

French study aids

When learning French, it needs to be a continuous process. In order for ones learning to reach maximum levels, they should use in depth study aids. This prevents a person from wasting time, making mistakes and setting themselves back in their learning. Most study aids put French learners on a schedule, allowing them to track and test progress along the way.

French lessons

French lessons allow students to digest large amounts of the language, while studying at their own pace. The lessons are conducted just as if a person were in a standard classroom. The lessons occur incrementally and build upon knowledge obtained in the previous lesson. In order to begin learning French, concrete and thorough lessons are an integral piece of the puzzle.

French for travellers

Sometimes, a person doesn’t have time to learn an entire language because they have a business trip or vacation. In this situation, a person might be interested in using quick reference materials and learning some key phrases that will help them in their travels. This way, they will know enough of the language to get by in common situations, like ordering from a restaurant, answering the phone, asking for directions and paying for items. This may seem like a stripped down approach, but it becomes incredibly useful when speaking English is not an option.