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Learning Spanish is more advantageous than ever, because it is the second most natively spoken language in the world. In fact, there are nearly 330 million native Spanish speakers on the planet. There are currently 44 countries that have at least 3 million Spanish speakers. Anybody looking to increase their travel opportunities, social life and job opportunities will find learning Spanish beneficial.

The Open University offers Language degrees, and on this page you can find various resource links to external websites.

Grammar tutorials

The trickiest part for most people learning another language is to master the grammar. While expanding vocabulary is not that hard, grammar can be a large task, because each language has its own set of rules that make up the way the language is spoken. Anybody hoping to speak Spanish fluently should incorporate a number of grammar lessons and tutorials into their work, so that they can learn the language the right way, without picking up bad habits.

Spanish dictionaries

Regardless of what method a person uses to learn the Spanish language, a dictionary will be central to that learning. Today’s technology allows for a number of online resources, which people can access on their computers and laptops, tablets, cell phones and any other internet-enabled device. Many of these dictionaries come in the form of an app, allowing people to find definitions and translations at a moment’s notice. These dictionaries come in a variety of forms, with some offering simple word translations and others providing entire phrases. Spanish dictionaries are a must-have for any Spanish language learning student.

Spanish study aids

Study aids give people the opportunity to glance at reference material while learning phrases, conjugations, grammar and a number of other language tools. The use of study aids allows people to learn the language with greater ease, with a “cheat sheet” to help reinforce the knowledge. These aids help to decrease the learning curve of any language, by allowing students to refer to sites and literature that allow them to see the bigger picture on the road to language mastery. Universities, organisations and linguists have published a plethora of Spanish study aids that students can take advantage of.

Spanish lessons

To properly grasp a language, students should take a thorough approach that involves frequent lessons. Numerous online resources allow students to participate in interactive lessons. These Spanish lessons reinforce grammar, vocabulary, culture and a number of other useful tenants of the language. These lessons will be an integral part of learning to speak and understand Spanish.

Spanish for travellers

When a person wants to travel to Spain, Mexico, Columbia or any other country without knowledge of the language, it pays to at least learn some key phrases. By arriving to the country with some phrases masters, travellers will learn that natives will be more willing and able to work with their lack of the language. These phrases will help travellers conduct business, eat and communicate with people all over. Online resources provide travelers with sentences and phrases for practical purposes.