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The Open University offers a wide range of courses at various levels – from certificates and diplomas to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Commonly, students apply to study with us for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

An undergraduate or bachelors degree is a widely recognised higher-education qualification, while a postgraduate or masters degree is a course of study undertaken after an undergraduate degree has been attained. Usually, a postgraduate degree is studied in order to develop specialist knowledge and expertise in a chosen subject.

Whatever your level of learning, studying for your degree will broaden your knowledge and enable you to develop a variety of skills that will be invaluable to your profession and life enhancing, too.

As with all UK-based universities, we classify degrees as follows:

1 (a so-called ‘First’ - the highest level of degree classification that can be achieved),
2.1 (an Upper Second),
2.2 (a Lower Second) and
3 (a Third).

For most undergraduate degrees with The Open University, previous qualifications aren’t required. See our entry requirements.

You can build on your Open University studies, too – for example, you can start studying for a certificate but use your study ‘credits’ to switch to a degree. Previous study or work experience may count towards Open University studies, too.

For postgraduate degrees, you’ll be required to possess an undergraduate degree equivalent to the UK qualification.

View our courses to see which qualifications are available in your country, and see individual course pages for details of the specific entry requirements.

Learn about the structure of our qualifications and recognition of them in your country.

The Open University will provide you with a degree respected everywhere - and an inspiring, challenging, rewarding experience you won't find elsewhere.