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The Open University is committed to supporting students who have disabilities. As our name suggests, we're ‘open’ to everyone.

We strive to make our leaning accessible, understandable and beneficial to all learners.

If you have a long-term health condition, specific learning difficulty or mental health difficulty then you are entitled to support. We use the single term ‘disabled’ or ‘disability’ to cover all these conditions.

We want you to choose the course that is best for you. Whether you’re studying for a qualification or a standalone module, make sure you read the description carefully, and ask any additional questions you may have about what's involved. This will ensure that you get the right level of support to make the best of your studies.

Bear in mind that some qualifications may be more challenging than others, depending on your specific needs. Certain science qualifications may involve field trips or practical work, for example.

From assisting with you to choose the most appropriate course, all the way through your studies to graduation and beyond, we’re with you all the way.

We have a comprehensive range of services to support you to study, including accessible study materials in alternative formats, specialist equipment and tailored exam arrangements.

It’s also the little things with the OU that you don’t think of at first, such as the specially bound books they supply that have made it easier for me… It’s very supportive for disabled people.

Dave Tilly, BA (Honours) Languages

Students past and present confirm that studying with us is a positive experience with many boons – among them the ability to set your own pace for your studies; the easy availability of moral support; the many opportunities to develop confidence in your own abilities; and improved career prospects.

It isn’t my physical disability (cerebral palsy) that causes me the greatest issues; it is the dyslexia. Studying part-time gives me time to deal with things at my own pace… There are many advantages for a disabled person studying with the OU. It’s given me more confidence. .. The OU’s flexibility has given me the chance to undertake voluntary work to increase my likelihood of finding a job after completing my degree.

Alex Hawley, Law Degree student
Check our Disability support website for more practical information. (Please note that some of these services and resources are funded by the UK government, for UK-based students only.)

We believe that our unrivalled personal support, combined with our online learning methods and inherent study flexibility, makes an Open University education ‘open’ to all.


The Open University has given me a new lease of life.

Dave Tilly, BA (Honours) Languages
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