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Student community

The diversity of the student cohort: that is a really, really rich source of learning.

Peter Wainwright, MBA graduate

We’re delighted that we’re doing things right according to those who matter to us most: our students.

We’ve achieved over 90 per cent for student satisfaction year in, year out, in the UK’s National Student Survey. And students across the world are delighted with us too.

One of the aspects of Open University learning on which we pride ourselves is the global classroom. Studying with students from different nations, you’ll enjoy a ‘classroom’ experience that will be as enriching for you culturally as your studies are educationally. It’s just another aspect of learning that makes studying with us special.

It was wonderful to have classmates! … I really enjoyed the online communication - it was really interesting talking to people from Rwanda, South Africa, the UK, Thailand…It was wonderful.

Katerina Yuri, Masters Degree in Education

Open University study tends to lends itself to informal mutual student support. After all, there’s nothing like a shared endeavour to bring people together –wherever you and your classmates are in the world.

While you can sit at your computer and use it purely for study, we recommend striking a balance: you’re guaranteed you’ll have a richer and infinitely more rewarding experience if you use the technology at your fingertips not only for study, but also for connecting with others in a way that is safe and enriching for all.

That’s what Arwen Bailey did.

Case study:  Arwen Bailey, MSc in Systems Thinking in Practice

“The online way of studying worked well for me but I didn’t really like studying on my own, so in the very first tutorial for each new course I would ask, ‘does anyone want to be in a study group with me?’ And every time I ended up in a wonderful group with three or six students. Even though I’ve never met most of them face to face, I’ve become lifelong friends with some of them, which is something you wouldn’t expect from an online course… We would share experiences, give each other support… Most importantly, we would also critique each other’s TMAs [Tutor-Marked Assignments], which really upped all our marks. In my last course three of us critiqued each other’s TMAs and ended up with the highest marks. That’s the power of making these little study groups.

It was wonderful psychological support. .. Having said that, some of the OU forums were brilliant and I was hugely into them… really buzzing and stimulating.

If anyone’s worried about the isolating effect of studying alone I would point them to my experience of making very good friends from the study groups. These small groups feel very safe and comfortable. That’s the best part about an OU degree - you study alone but you’re part of a very warm, friendly community. You can get out of it what you want. The whole thing has been incredibly positive for me.”

Rather than sitting back and waiting for classmates to connect with you, be the proactive one - introduce yourself, suggest creating a study group. Be the one who reaches out and connects. You’ll soon find like-minded souls.

Over the three years you make friends for life!

Rodolphe Masson, MBA

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