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Studying with The Open University is designed to be flexible. So if you want to vary the amount of time you spend studying from year to year, or even take a break for a while, you can.

That said, our courses remain equal in academic rigour, and in volume, to those of any university student studying full time.

That means you’ll have to make time to study, to research and write assignments, to attend online lectures, seminars and tutorials, and to do all the work necessary to pass your exams. In other words, time management will be absolutely vital to your success. 

Consider the example of Clive Knight who organised his time effectively:

Planning is key. I began to record the hours studied and set a schedule plan each week, and at the end compare what I had achieved against the plan. After a couple of months I had an aggregate number of hours and was getting good marks. It helped me keep on track and was a great motivational tool, too.

Clive Knight, PG Certificate in Technology Management

In order to help you plan your time, these tables show the approximate hours required to complete a course, assuming you’ll study for approximately 18 hours per week for part-time study, and 36 hours per week for full-time study. Note the tables are for illustrative purposes only - in most cases you can vary the number of credits taken per year and therefore the time taken to complete the course. You can also browse the course descriptions for more information on suggested study times. Consider working towards your own aggregate number of hours, like Clive.

Also consider in advance when you’ll study, where you’ll study and how you’ll make the necessary time.

Sacrifices may have to be made, but the effort is sure to be worth it: just keep in mind the goal of your Open University qualification. 

I've never had anyone say to me that it wasn't difficult. But I've never had anyone say to me that it wasn't utterly rewarding.

The Lord Puttnam CBE, former Chancellor of The Open University
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