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What industry says

The corporate world is unanimous: Open University students are both welcome and in demand.

Corporate recruiters realise that our graduates have practical real-world knowledge, from which their businesses can benefit.


Working and studying together shows the ambition and strong work ethic of OU students. Their drive to improve themselves, while managing the demands of work and home, shows a competency that is invaluable to Unilever.

Graduate Recruitment Manager, Unilever

Certainly the kind of time management, the drive and commitment that the people show is exactly what we want in employees.

Ruth Stokes, Head of Europe, KPMG

 “It was KPMG that proposed The Open University to me in the first place, when I said that I wanted to further my own personal development. The quality of the teaching, the flexibility, the high recognition and regard that The Open University is seen in, certainly in the UK business world… the success rates…
Having since done and passed the course, I've had several promotions and now, as I say, I'm the Head of Europe. So it worked for me!”- Ruth Stokes, Head of Europe, KPMG

Another such company is IBM:


The Open University, like IBM, is a global organisation founded on technology with many similar beliefs and goals. We’re encouraging our employees to study up to a Certificate in Management level, and then beyond that it becomes a personal development opportunity.. to further themselves through further education.

Robin Gordon, Strategy & Business Development manager, IBM

Given that such companies encourage their existing employees studying with us, you can imagine how valued your Open University qualification will be to them when they’re seeking new recruits.


Be proud of being an Open University graduate. The time management, self-drive and prioritisation it takes to manage your own learning is an outstanding achievement.

The Graduate Recruitment Manager, Cooperative Group

The single most important thing that I’d like to say to all Open University graduates is that there are companies out there that want your talent, your experience and your knowledge.

Corporate Human Resources Manager, Enterprise