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Brick universities

Sometimes, prospective Open University students wonder about whether to study on campus at a brick university instead. The outcome of their considerations is clear: students choose The Open University for its flexibility.

That flexibility comes in many forms.

Students regularly cite the flexibility to ‘earn while they learn’ as a main reason for choosing us:


[At The Open University] I could work and support myself at the same time as doing my course, otherwise it would be a brick university and I couldn’t do that.

Kathryn Southard, BA Hons in Childhood and Youth Studies

The flexible nature of our studies means they fit around family commitments, too:


You can fit it around home life, family life and work and it’s much more flexible than conventional unis.

Clare Moggeridge, BA Hons Social Work

Then there’s the support we offer compared to other universities: from tutor support to your peers in your global classroom, your studies with us may turn out to be more sociable than you might think.


At [my brick university] I felt very much on my own – I didn’t with The Open University.

Greg Bensberg MBE, MBA graduate

Clearly, the effort and commitment required to juggle existing commitments with Open University studies are appreciated by employers. Learn what they think of us at what industry says.


I am often asked if I would get a better experience and support from my local university. My response is always no. Firstly it wouldn’t fit into my working and family life, and secondly I cannot imagine tutors or support could be better anywhere else.

Charlotte Francis, Access Y176 student