Degrees and courses for international students
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Level of qualification

Our flexibility even extends to our qualifications.

Our qualifications range from certificates through to PhDs, including diplomas and undergraduate degrees (the latter can be taken with or without honours) and postgraduate degrees. So there’s plenty of variety in terms of the level at which you wish to qualify. In addition, you’re free to start one qualification and use the study credits you’ve earned towards another qualification.

For example, you might start studying for a certificate but halfway through the course decide you’d like to switch to a degree. If so, we’ll transfer your study credits accordingly. 


I contacted The Open University and they were very helpful giving good advice on what I needed to top up my foundation and were very supportive – I transferred my credits to turn my foundation degree into an honours degree.

Erica Drew, BA Business and Management

We take into account previous work experience and previous study at other higher-education institutions, too. See previous study.

I was able to transfer my credits from the two years I did at my previous university so I did one year with the OU. It was really easy to do – The OU were really helpful – I just sent my transcripts over to the department and they set me up on the system! I then just had to pick which modules I wanted to study.

Melanie Hall, Open degree

You can also stop and re-start your studies if necessary.