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Digital support

The Open University has an astonishing track-record of using of new and emerging technologies to make higher education available to all people around the world. Its ethos of inclusion and access is something I respect hugely.

Martha Lane Fox, Chancellor, The Open University

The Open University is renowned for the support it offers to students. One of the ways in which we deliver this support is through our innovative use of digital technology.

In a recent lecture our then Vice Chancellor, Martin Bean, commented:


In the world of education…conventional wisdom has students sitting at desks, facing a teacher who stands at the front doing his or her level best to impart knowledge. It’s a model that has endured for… years. But as The Open University has proved over the past four decades it’s not the only way to teach – which is just as well, because in the 21st century, students are demanding new, more engaging ways of teaching and learning.

Martin Bean, former Vice Chancellor, The Open University

We’re aware that our prospective students expect a learning experience that is appropriate to the digital age - and we’re rising to the occasion.

To give just a few examples: we created the OU Anywhere app so that you can read course materials on the go; you can connect with tutors via Skype; there are friendly online forums for you to connect and engage with other students.

We offer a multitude of resources that are available to anyone who wants to learn, including free course material on OpenLearn, over 800 videos on our official YouTube channels, a huge range of educational podcasts at iTunes U and one of the biggest UK university collections at Open Research Online.

What these innovations demonstrate is this: we’re committed to making our education as interactive as possible.

After all, digital innovation chimes with our mission: to be open to people, places, methods and ideas.