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Industry value

Studying with The Open University is about setting yourself a challenge and succeeding.

Our students often study while working and therefore demonstrate initiative, flexibility perseverance and self-motivation as they manage studies and other commitments.

Other qualities you’ll develop include proficiency in planning, organisation and time management , which will enable you to juggle your studies with your busy life.

All of these skills and experience are valued by employers, which is why an Open University qualification is respected by employers.

Our graduates themselves testify to the respect that our qualifications receive in the workplace:


My [previous] employers told me that studying with the OU was really good because employers like it and hold it in high esteem because you plan all your own work and it’s all self-motivated.

Giles Cooper, BA English Literature and Languages

My new employers were fascinated by the flexibility of my degree and commented that the ability to study and work alongside requires many skills and was something they were really impressed with!

Clare Proctor, Open degree

So respected are we that many leading companies trust us with the development of their own employees: in the UK alone, 80 per cent of companies quoted on the FTSE 100 have sponsored their employees to study with The Open University.

An Open University qualification will be well received, wherever you go in the working world.

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