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To those worried about the costs... I would say: it’s all about investing in your life.

Nick Logie, BA in Humanities, MA in Music, PhD

So far, an amazing two million people have benefitted from a world-leading university education with us.

We believe that one of the reasons why so many people choose to study with us is sheer value for money.

I’m currently working in Germany, and I was looking at different options for choosing the MBA… The OU MBA’s the best one because it gives the best value for money.

MBA student

On a practical level, all course materials are included in the cost of your fees.

In addition, there’s no cost involved in moving away to a campus-based university, or paying extra travel expenses to be on campus with us. And because you have the flexibility to carry on working while you study with us, you can earn while you learn.

The Open University represents value in other ways, too. For example, we can work out to be much more affordable than an education with a brick university:


I chose The Open University to undertake my MEng rather than any other provider because of the support the OU provides... Finances also played a massive part; to complete my MEng with the OU it cost around £7000 spread over 2.5 years, completely manageable whilst working at the same time, and significantly less than a full time MEng with a traditional university.

James Coulman, MEng

Also, our qualifications are internationally respected, so you know your education will be valued wherever you go:


We have a number of organisations of high standing in their own countries, but they find it attractive to have an internationally benchmarked and referenced qualification for their students. So they work in partnership with us and we validate their programmes and their students get an Open University validated award.

Kate Clark, Director, Validations, The Open University

And, of course, there’s the bigger picture of the future rewards you’re likely to reap.

Consider an Open University education as an investment:


To someone worried about the cost I would say to them that I couldn’t have done without the quality of skills the OU gave me and the direct application to my work. So it’s a truly massive return on your investment. Not just for more money or promotion, but huge job satisfaction. I actually enjoyed my work more thanks to my studies. So I’d say to any prospective OU students - think long term and don’t just think about a financial return.

Mark Mallalieu, BA Open degree

An Open University qualification is an investment in your future; a qualification you’ll have – and be proud to have - for the rest of your life.